The members of the association have a strong relationship with the little local producers, who grow biological and fresh vegetables (non so che parola usare).These products shown and presented during the events, are legume or cereal soups from the Sibillini mountains, the Campofilone pasta, cheese, cured meats, oil and wines.

The association’s values are based on a genuine cuisine where the ingredients are local, seasonal and fresh, directly taken from the crops.


The “Staffetta”’s organizers are:

  • Roberto Ferretti, the president of Agritur-Aso and the owner of the “La Scentella” B&B. He is also the one who created the “Le Marche in valigia” project that has the aim to put the Marche region in a luggage and to promote the region abroad through the preparation of different meals.
  • Anna Maria Monaldi, who is the owner of a B&B and agritourism in the Valdaso area.
  • Marisa Saggiotto, who lives in the Veneto region and has a B&B too. She is strongly related to Roberto and Anna Maria because they share the same values of the “ciocheciò” (“whatever I have”) and the idea of using what nature and season gives us.
  • Yoko Moriyama, expert of olive oil tasting. She is also involved in Agritur-Aso and the projects of “Le Marche in valigia”. She organizes the events of “Le Marche in valigia” in Japan.
  • Claudio Porchia, who is a journalist and lives in the Liguria region.