The president of the association, Roberto Ferretti, a former psychologist now in retirement, declares: “I run a B&B which is called “La Scentella”, located in Petritoli (FM), I am an enthusiast of country cuisine and spontaneous herbs. I am interested in the mediterrean diet and I try to promote it. I am also into the field of tourism that focuses on sustainability and relationships. I collaborate with a chain of local producers and facilities’ owners. We founded the Agritur-aso association with the aim of promoting the Valdaso area and the Marche region around the world through the “Marche in valigia” project (Marche in a suitcase)

Marche in valigia (Marche in the suitcase) is a mobility project that has the aim to put the Marche region in a suitcase (through pictures, video, information,local products) and promote its territory organizing events abroad with cooking sessions and food and wine tasting.

It’s absolutely an enriching and unforgettable experience because all the 5 senses of participants are involved!

The members of the association bring products they buy from little local producers, that are later on used to prepare delicious dishes accompanied by excellent local wines, cheese and cured meats.

These gatherings usually end with an invitation to visit Marche, so this is the essence of the mutual exchange: you taste Italian food in your country and then you go to the Marche region to have the whole experience of picking vegetables directly from the garden and cook them with the owner!

Some Data

  • The events of Marche in Valigia have taken place in 60 areas of 14 countries all over the world and 4 continents: Slovakia, Belgium, France, Netherlands, England, Germany, Slovenia, Croatia, Denmark, Italy, Japan, Australia, United States, Sweden.
  • about 9000 people have participated to the events


During the Covid-19 pandemic, some of the members of the association created a new project online, the Staffettaciòcheciò (what it’s available) format, that is a relay race aimed at maintaining existing relationships and create new ones, by involving organizers and participants in an immersive virtual cooking experience based on ciocheciò shared values (to cook using what you have at the moment, km 0 seasonal and fresh ingredients).

The challenge took place on Facebook in April and May 2020. The organizers created a private Facebook group and each organizer invited his network of friends (people who met during the previous activities, hospitality, restaurants).

Every participant had to post the recipe according to a weekly schedule. The recipe had to follow the ciocheciò principles and after presenting its recipe in the post, with a combination of text and pictures, the participants had to "pass the baton" to another participant.

The success of this project has led to the book “La Staffetta di cucina ciocheciò. Ricette e storie dal mondo” (Receipts and histories from the world). This book contains recipes of 79 people, 49 of them coming from 14 Italian regions and the other 30 people coming from 15 countries in the world (4 continents).

The preface of the book is written by Benedetta Rossi, an important influencer who promotes the importance of km 0 cuisine through social media and a TV channel. She also comes from the Marche region and lives in a rural area which is enhanced by the combination of her receipts and the pictures and videos of the landscape.

“Dietro un piatto o una ricetta ci sono delle persone, c’è tutto un mondo, una storia, un territorio che avevamo dimenticato”